Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Manish Sinha, TNCR Contributing CIO

Manish Sinha, TNCR Contributing CIO
Manish an award-winning CIO/CTO, having won the “CIO of the Year” from Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) in 2016. Since 2018, Manish has served as the corporate CTO of L'Oreal Paris, overseeing Global Employee Experience, and the infrastructure of global functions including Human Resources, Research & Innovation, and Manufacturing.

Diverse Thoughts, Different Perspectives, and Unique Approaches to Building Effective Teams

“Congratulations Rita, we’ve decided to promote you. Effective tomorrow, you’ll be the new manager of the quality assurance team,” said the director of the...

CIO Best Practice: Balancing Security, Flexibility, and Efficiency with an Effective Materials Management Policy

As an organization’s IT leader, we are expected to have full ownership over our technology ecosystem, however... Do you know how many different makes &...

CIO Best Practice: Vendors, Service Providers, and Partners

A very astute McKinsey consultant once told me, “Anything important can and should be represented by a two by two matrix, as it makes...

Perspective from a Global CTO – Diverse Experiences Drive Innovation

Why does so much of the global manufacturing activity happen in China? Hint: it is not just about cost.Why do so many high tech...


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