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A New Approach to Cybersecurity

Creating a human-centric approach to may be the key to reducing risk, according to Gartner.
Catherine Pyle
Contributing Writer

As threats grow in scope and severity, cybersecurity remains top of mind for today’s technology leaders. For most organizations, it is not a matter of “if” but “when” an attack will cripple its systems, but taking smart steps to prepare can mitigate the fallout when hackers come knocking. Gartner recently released its Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2023 report highlighting how organizations and cybersecurity leaders can prepare.

Responsive Ecosystems

Creating a responsive ecosystem within the security organization allows for greater risk resolution. According to the report, a continuous approach to threat exposure management allows organizations to better understand their exposure to threats and resolve gaps in their posture. As more organizations rely on external vendors, checking the security and threat exposure with vendors is crucial.

Equally important is ensuring that the organization’s systems are secure through cybersecurity validation measures. These measures include tabletop exercises and penetration testing. The report also highlights identity fabric immunity to create balanced investments in prevention, detection, and response to minimize defects and failures.  

Restructuring Approaches

When looking at an organization’s potential attack surface, technology leaders must consider their vendors, their vendor’s vendors, and so on in these conversations. Consolidating cybersecurity platforms allows for a simpler, more efficient security operation while decreasing the potential attack surface. Technology leaders can accomplish this by reducing vendors and improving staff efficiency.

Implementing security operating model transformation to distribute technology and analytical work can help organizations make better decisions about cybersecurity risks, speed up business outcomes and help businesses achieve their goals more quickly. Creating security practices that are modular and flexible with composable security will protect the business from security risks but allow for evolutions in security practices as needed.

Rebalancing Processes

As important as a solid security system is, Gartner highlights a human-centric security design. By minimizing end-user risk and creating a balance between people and processes, organizations can reduce “unsecure employee behavior” with solid UX and security practices. Part of a human-centric security design is enhancing people management by reducing employee turnover and attracting top talent.

As cybersecurity becomes a business priority, increasing board oversight is critical. Not only is it crucial for boards to recruit members with technology experience, but technology leaders within the organization must also ensure that the board is asking the right questions and gaining a proper understanding of the cybersecurity risks inherent to the business. Once board members understand how cybersecurity risks affect business, they will be better equipped to provide oversight.

Cybersecurity for 2023 and Beyond

Cyber threats are not going away, and staying prepared is the only way to protect the organization. Beyond the traditional trends of new technology, Gartner’s report highlights the necessity of a human-centric cybersecurity program, from the Board of Directors to an intern. Creating a balanced and sustainable cybersecurity program will help limit risk for organizations of all sizes and industries in 2023 and beyond.

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