Saturday, July 31, 2021

Dean Crutchfield, TNCR Contributing CIO

Dean Crutchfield, TNCR Contributing CIO
Dean Crutchfield is a CIO and CISO with over three decades of experience in Information Technology serving technology manufacturers and the SaaS industry. Dean's areas of interest are leadership effectiveness, cyber and product security, and the use of AI/ML inside of security and IT operations.

Influence: Gaining and Maintaining Trust as a Technology Leader

One of the most critical skills in the CIO’s leadership toolkit is influence.  Today, CIOs are like quarterbacks on the field, often relied upon to...

Permission to Inspire

The scope, demands, and complexity of projects that CIOs manage has never been greater. I’ve been in the IT industry for over three decades, and...

Supply Chain Exploits – What Can Be Done?

My colleagues and I have been discussing how CIOs can prevent a supply chain exploit in our environments. Together we have dozens, if not...

Be Prepared for Value Creation Conversations

Early in my tenure as a CIO, one of the C-Suite conversations I found myself ill-equipped to participate in was value creation.  I believe...


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