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Talent Scarcity for 15 Emerging Tech Trends

A stark contrast to the global job market at large.
TNCR Staff

A recent study by McKinsey reports a year over year double-digit increase in job postings related to fifteen identified emerging technologies. This surge in demand for specialized technology roles stands in stark contrast to the global job market at large, which has experienced a decline in job postings by approximately 13 percent over the same period.

While a burgeoning market spells opportunity for tech professionals, it translates to unprecedented challenges for companies seeking to make the most of investments in transformative technologies such as edge computing, quantum, and both applied and generative AI.

Organizations, more than ever, are under pressure to make informed and judicious investments in these and other transformative technologies. This is not simply a matter of filling job roles; it’s about strategically aligning these emerging technologies with the organization’s broader business objectives to maximize ROI.

Why it matters: With the rapid evolution of these technologies, companies not only have to think about the immediate needs but also how these technologies will adapt and scale in the future. This requires a level of foresight and planning that demands experienced technology leadership, adding another layer of difficulty in recruiting the right individuals for key positions like CIO, CTO, and CISO.

  • To navigate this successfully, companies must develop targeted hiring strategies that consider not just the skills needed today, but those that will be crucial in the coming years. This might mean partnerships with educational institutions, creating specialized training programs, or even investing in internal R&D departments to develop proprietary skills.
  • Employer branding is another critical area for focus. Companies should communicate clearly about how they contribute to the advancement of emerging technologies, thus making them more attractive to candidates who want to work at the cutting edge. Case studies, white papers, or even thought leadership articles can showcase a company’s involvement in key tech trends.
  • Another key aspect of talent strategy is compensation and benefits. As demand for specialized tech skills grows, so should the rewards for those who possess them. Companies need to offer competitive compensation packages that go beyond salary to include things like equity options, flexible working arrangements, and career development opportunities.

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