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Deloitte Survey: Tech Talent Drought

Over 150,000 layoffs.
Kelsey Brandt
Contributing Writer

Despite recent layoffs, the tech industry continues to grapple with a scarcity of technical talent. Over 150,000 layoffs have occurred in the US tech sector since 2023’s start, yet companies struggle to fill critical technical roles required for innovative initiatives. Workforce challenges, highlighted in a Deloitte survey, spotlight recruitment hurdles and address the evolving needs of younger workers as top concerns. Finding people with specialized technical skills, particularly in cybersecurity, AI, and system architecture, remains arduous, impeding project progress. Simultaneously, younger workers, shaped by the pandemic, desire remote work options, posing a challenge for companies seeking connectivity and culture-building opportunities.

Executives express difficulty in reconciling the preference for remote work among younger employees while fostering company cohesion. The ongoing debate on the optimal work model—fully remote, hybrid, or in-office—presents both advantages and drawbacks. Suggestions for addressing these challenges include broadening talent searches beyond traditional backgrounds, offering education opportunities around emerging technologies, and embracing flexible work arrangements. Companies are exploring innovative mentoring and career development programs to leverage the enthusiasm and ideas of younger workers, aiming to nurture skills and retain promising talent in a competitive market.

Why it matters: Understanding the persisting scarcity of tech talent amid industry layoffs is crucial as it illuminates the hurdles faced by companies striving for innovation. Addressing the evolving needs of younger workers is pivotal in navigating the shift towards remote work preferences while maintaining a cohesive company culture, underscoring the importance of adaptability and connectivity in the modern tech landscape.

  • Despite over 150,000 technology industry layoffs in the US since the start of 2023, companies still grapple with filling senior technical roles in cybersecurity, system architecture, and AI. This shortage impedes project initiation and progression, with executives expressing concern over the lack of qualified talent and its impact on innovation.
  • Balancing the desires of younger workers for remote options with the need for connectivity and culture-building poses a significant challenge for tech leaders seeking effective work models.
  • Embracing flexible talent sourcing, offering diverse education opportunities, and implementing innovative mentoring programs are key strategies to address the shortage of specialized talent and nurture the skills of younger workers.

Go Deeper —> Tech talent is still hard to find, despite layoffs in the sector – Deloitte Insights.

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