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CIO Conference Opportunities: Unleashing Potential in the Era of AI and Cost Optimization

Conference floors are buzzing again.
Katie Sanders
Contributing Writer

Leading Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face numerous challenges in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape. The combination of economic uncertainty, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and the demand for transformational technology investments can create a complex environment for CIOs.

However, conference floors are buzzing again and set to be an opportunity for technology leaders to connect on these trends and others that the industry is facing. Mark Runyon of recently attended MS Build in Seattle – an annual conference event held by Microsoft aimed at software engineers and web developers . “It was a great networking and learning event, especially seeing how Microsoft was infusing AI into all its offerings. As with most conference events I’ve been to recently, there was an excitement to be back together in person.”

“CIOs can break away from their remote work routines and engage in in-person discussions – which are so important for sparking new ideas and inspiring creative thinking.”

AI is definitely creating a buzz as CIOs are tasked with staying up to date and ensuring their organizations are using this emerging tech to their advantage. “CIOs can break away from their remote work routines and engage in in-person discussions – which are so important for sparking new ideas and inspiring creative thinking. Attending conferences dedicated to AI can provide CIOs with invaluable insights and tips of the practical application of the technology,” notes Lacy Gallagher, with Evergreen & Oak.

For CIOs who want to achieve stronger performance on their organization’s mission-critical priorities, which IT and business conferences should be top of mind for the second half of 2023 and early 2024?

Here are a few options to consider. And please feel free to offer other suggestions for your peers in the comments below.

1. GOVIT Symposium

Dec. 12-14, 2023 – St Paul, Minnesota

GOVIT Symposium brings together like-minded government IT professionals from a wide variety of settings and locations to gain insights and new ideas. With a focus on connection and collaboration, CIOs can meet industry experts and partners who can help discover innovative solutions to government sector needs. According to Jim Hall of Hallmentum, “This is a great conference for anyone who works in the public sector, including government, higher ed, and nonprofits. What I like about the conference is that the sessions are very focused on what’s going on in government, and the presentations that are a mix of what went well and what went wrong. It’s really useful to see what roadblocks tripped them up, so others can avoid the same pitfalls.”

2. CIO100 Symposium & Awards

August 14-16, 2023 – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

CIO100 provides an intimate setting for some of the most influential thinkers in tech. Going beyond the typical, this event creates platforms to explore new standards for excellence, innovation, and success in IT. From leadership master classes to deep dive presentations, there are unique experiences for CIOs, including sessions that showcase actual success (and failures) at the highest levels of enterprise IT in engaging formats. CIOs can choose from a wide variety of presentations that cover innovative topics like Web3, blockchain, metaverse, and crypto. “This [event] is pretty special given that 100 CIO Innovators are recognized, and the latest class of CIO Hall of Famers are inducted,” says Dan Roberts, Host of the Tech Whisperers Podcast & CEO.

3. CIO Leadership Forum

Feb 26-27, 2024, Phoenix, AZ

Amid continual disruption, CIOs must evolve rapidly to amplify their business impact. Gartner’s CIO Leadership forum allows CIOs to gain access to peer insights and expert guidance along with actionable tools to enable the future of work and drive business growth. An even bigger challenge is that CIOs are tasked with tackling the cultural ramifications of digital transformation. By participating in interactive and collaborative sessions, CIOs can share experiences and access personalized tools to equip their organizations with detailed plans to support mission-critical priorities. Bold leadership and dynamic talent management are just two of the many tracks aimed at challenging CIOs to push themselves and their teams to the next level.

4. AI & Big Data Global Expo

Nov. 30th-Dec 1, 2023 – Olympia, London

This notable event showcases next-gen AI technologies, applications, and industry trends, with a focus on practical implementations across different sectors. CIOs can explore and discover practical and successful implementations of AI & Big Data to help drive their businesses forward. From Machine Learning to Ethical AI to Deep Learning to Data Ecosystems, this leading event brings together ITDMs to explore and debate the advancements and impacts of digital transformation opportunities.

5. The CIO Initiative Summit

Oct. 4-5, 2023 – Chattanooga, TN

The CIO Initiative Summit is an exclusive event tailored for IT Executives who are at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation. This annual invitation-only summit brings together approximately 40 CIOs in a focused and intimate setting. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, engage in collaborative discussions, and participate in insightful sessions. The summit’s agenda is thoughtfully curated to address emerging industry trends, tackle real-world challenges faced by CIOs, and foster interactive dialogues among peers. This conference aims to provide a transformative experience that promises meaningful conversations and valuable takeaways. “It’s important for a CIO to have a strong network to bounce ideas off of, or get some guidance from someone when dealing with challenging situations.”, notes Mark S. Blanke, chairman of the event.

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