Fostering Innovation: How to Build an Amazing IT Team

In this book, author Andrew Laudato provides a detailed and prescriptive advice on how to run an IT department best. Laudato does so with the understanding that there’s more than one way to accomplish that goal. Your approach should vary based on the company’s size, the company’s plans, the CEO’s style, and the team’s strength. External factors, including the economy, the state of the market, customer demand, and advancements in technology — all impact how you should lead.

Staying true to your style and beliefs is vital to being an open and honest leader. Don’t read this book and then walk into the office on Monday morning a new and improved you. Continuous improvement concepts apply to our personal development as much as they do to our teams.

If your goal is to transform IT by pivoting to Agile and DevOps, you need to understand where your company is on its journey and adapt accordingly. IT leaders need to be agile with a little “a” before they can be Agile with a big “A.” You will find the agile and lean principles woven throughout the text. Although the author is a staunch Agile advocate, this is not an Agile book.

This book is written in plain language, making it accessible and hopefully enjoyable for non-technical readers. This book will provide insights for anyone in an IT leadership role and anyone who works closely with IT leaders. In today’s digital age, that’s just about everyone.

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