Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Michael Nolfo, TNCR Contributing CIO

Mike Nolfo is a technology executive who designed, implemented, and led the software and infrastructure organizations for over 20 years for Enterprise Holdings Inc., the largest privately held transportation company in the world. Prior to Enterprise Holdings, Mike was a management consultant for Ernst & Young, LLC. He began his technology career gaining experience across a wide range of industries that included Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, and Automotive focussed companies. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems with a Minor in Computer Science. He has the proven ability to build successful technology roadmaps leveraging his deep technical background and strong business acumen that align engineering with executive vision. He is an advocate for technology innovation across organization and builds Executive and C-Suite level support in order to achieve success. In December 2019, Mike retired from his role as CIO and relocated to Chicago to focus on his family and personal life.


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