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Augusta’s Greens to Digital Screens: Innovations at The 2024 Masters

But will Tiger make the cut?
Emily Hill
Contributing Writer
Augusta, GA, USA - May 15, 2015: An entrance to the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. The Augusta National Golf Club is a private country club and home to the annual Masters tournament.

The Masters Tournament, held at Augusta National, is not only a celebration of golf at its highest level but also an event deeply rooted in tradition and history. It’s where the past and present of golf converge, offering fans and players alike a unique experience that honors the sport’s heritage while embracing the future. This delicate balance between maintaining tradition and pushing the envelope of technological innovation is where IBM steps in.

With over 25 years of partnership, IBM has played a pivotal role in enhancing The Masters’ digital experience, introducing features that transform how the tournament is enjoyed worldwide.

A Future Forward Experience

IBM’s contribution to The Masters illustrates a seamless blend of tradition and technology. The recent introduction of the “Hole Insights” feature, powered by generative AI, exemplifies this balance. This feature offers detailed breakdowns of play for each hole, combining current performances with historical data to enrich the viewing experience.

The Masters app and website, powered by IBM, have become more than just digital platforms; they are gateways to a comprehensive and immersive golfing experience. From $1.50 sandwiches to free parking, the tournament is known for its unparalleled on-site experience. IBM’s challenge was to mirror this unique charm digitally, a task it approached with a strategy that respects tradition while introducing progressive features.

IBM has significantly enhanced the digital fan experience of The Masters Tournament through a variety of features in The Masters’ app:

  • Video Livestreams: These allow fans to stream the tournament live, ensuring they don’t miss any action no matter where they are.
  • Track: This feature offers detailed analytics of each shot, including its trajectory, speed, and distance, providing a deeper insight into the game’s technical aspects.
  • My Group: It enables fans to customize their viewing experience by selecting and following their favorite golfers, and keeping track of their scores, positions, and plays in real-time.

With the introduction of The Masters’ app on Apple Vision Pro for the 2024 tournament, these well-loved features have been adapted to a new platform, along with the addition of groundbreaking functionalities. Notably, 3D renderings of the course are now available, offering fans a new way to view and understand the iconic Augusta National Golf Club from multiple angles and perspectives.

The Wrap

The collaboration between IBM and The Masters Tournament is a testament to how technology can enhance tradition, making it more accessible and engaging for a global audience. IBM’s dedication to innovating sports technology is evident in this year’s updates, ensuring that The Masters’ digital experience continues to evolve and enhance how fans engage with the tournament.

As we look to the future, it’s clear that this partnership will continue to evolve, bringing new experiences to fans and ensuring that The Masters remains at the forefront of sporting excellence. IBM’s role in this transformation is not just about technological prowess but about crafting a legacy that bridges golf’s past with its dynamic future.

Go Deeper -> IBM Helps The Masters Bridge Gap Between Golf’s Traditions And Future – Forbes

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