The 2020 CIO Cup | Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer for CKE Enterprises

TNCR Staff

The Executive Council for the CIO Professional Network would like to congratulate Phil Crawford, Chief Technology Officer for CKE Enterprises, as the recipient of the Inaugural 2020 CIO Cup.  A total of eight technology leaders were selected by an independent member panel in recognition of their individual contributions in 2020 toward the growth of this member-led and purpose-driven technology leadership network.

“The CIO Cup is awarded to that one member above all who has demonstrated our core pillars of Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute.  This is exemplified by posting regularly on the network, engaging with members, providing guidance, participating in roundtables and advocating for this forum.  A CIO Cup recipient is one that gives back to this purpose-driven network on a frequent basis.”

H. Michael Burgett, Founder

While we are so appreciative of all our 1400+ members for their consistent contributions, we are pleased to recognize one of our original members, Phil Crawford, with this inaugural award. To apply for membership in this exclusive network, please visit:

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