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Princeton’s Top Technology Leader Announces Retirement

After 40 years in the IT space this veteran CIO is hanging up his hat.
Joshua Koszalkowski
Contributing Writer

Jay Dominick, who has served as Princeton University’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and led its Office of Information Technology (OIT) since 2012, has announced that he will retire at the end of this year. Dominick oversees the university’s information technology infrastructure, information security, and administrative and academic computing operations.

Dominick recognized his 40-year career milestone earlier this year. A testament to his dedication. During his time at Princeton’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), he achieved notable successes through various initiatives. Playing a pivotal role in the establishment of several key systems. Including the research storage platform, TigerData, and the secure research computing system, Citadel. Furthermore, he oversaw the implementation of Traverse, a high-performance computing system at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Dominick led the introduction of Canvas, an online learning management system utilized by both students and faculty members in 2021.

In addition to these achievements, Dominick spearheaded efforts to enhance accessibility for individuals with hearing and visual impairments. His leadership has led to substantial improvements in digital resource accessibility. Promoting inclusivity and creating a more welcoming environment throughout the university.

“Every day at Princeton has been fulfilling,” Dominick said. “I will miss working with the incredibly smart faculty and staff who are dedicated to the noble teaching and research mission of this wonderful University. The one thing that I learned at Princeton that I will never forget is to pursue excellence — fully and without reservation. That is what makes Princeton a special place.”

“During more than a decade at Princeton, Jay Dominick has done everything this University could want from a chief information officer. He has demonstrated technical agility, managerial savvy, superb citizenship, and a calm, collegial demeanor in even the most trying circumstances,” said President Christopher L. Eisgruber.

Before joining Princeton, Dominick was the Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His extensive experience includes leading technology initiatives at Wake Forest University for a span of 16 years. His educational background is equally impressive, with a Ph.D. in information and library science. A bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. A master’s in business administration from Wake Forest University and an additional master’s degree from Georgetown University.

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