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Clorox CISO Out Amidst Increasing Accountability in High-Profile Breaches

From bleach to breaches.
Emory Odom
Contributing Writer

The Clorox Company (NYSE: CLX), a leading manufacturer of cleaning supplies, is facing a significant leadership change in its cybersecurity department. Amy Bogac, the Chief Information Security Officer, has recently left the company.

This development comes as Clorox is still dealing with the repercussions of a severe cyberattack that occurred in August, which was referenced in an internal company memo.

The cyberattack as originally reported by The National CIO Review had a substantial impact on Clorox’s operations, particularly affecting its order fulfillment facilities. The disruption lasted for more than a month, causing notable operational challenges and leading to a revision of the company’s annual revenue forecasts. The incident was part of a broader trend of cyberattacks affecting major corporations this year.

While the internal memo did not elaborate on the reasons for Bogac’s departure, it highlighted that Chau Banks, Clorox’s Chief Information and Data Officer, would temporarily fill the role. This shift in leadership underscores a broader industry trend where CISOs are facing heightened scrutiny and accountability in the event of security breaches. The role of a CISO has evolved from being primarily technical to one that includes significant risk management and strategic responsibilities. In high-profile breaches, CISOs are increasingly in the spotlight, facing pressure from stakeholders, customers, and the public.

The financial impact of the August cyberattack on Clorox was substantial, with a reported 20% decrease in net revenue in the quarter following the attack. This situation illustrates the direct correlation between cybersecurity breaches and financial performance, further emphasizing the critical role of cybersecurity leadership in protecting corporate interests.

The Wrap

The IT leadership shake-up at Clorox and the company’s ongoing recovery efforts highlight the evolving role and increasing responsibility of CISOs in today’s corporate world. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and consequential, the accountability of CISOs and their CIO counterparts in preventing, managing, and responding to these threats is more pronounced than ever.

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