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H. Michael Burgett
Contributing Writer

Last year the TNCR team launched a new platform for our growing publication, The National CIO Review, as we knew there was a deficiency in the quality of good writing that was focused on the technology leadership community.

As a CIO back in my younger years, I looked forward to receiving my monthly copies of the leading industry publications as the content was well written, actionable, and simply challenged me to be a better technology leader.

Unfortunately in current times, many of these publications have lost their focus. 

Articles once relevant are now written by folks that have never sat in the seat, are somewhat sophomoric and at times, unfortunately not relevant.  Too often we are presented with nonsensical or listicle teases such as “15 Certifications That Will Pay Off”, “10 Tips for Modernizing Legacy Systems, or “5 Reasons to Name Your Dog Bob”.  😊 And when we do visit the online content, our browser is filled with multiple pop-ups, videos, and other intrusions.

We knew there had to be a better way.

One of the driving forces in the rapid growth of our platform is that we have created a medium for technology leaders to participate in sharing their in-seat experiences as Contributing CIOs.

Here are a few examples from our Contributing CIO community:

Influence: Gaining and Maintaining Trust as a Technology Leader

Digital Transformation – A CIO’s Perspective

Diverse Thoughts, Different Perspectives, and Unique Approaches to Building Effective Teams

Supply Chain Exploits – What Can Be Done?

Hired During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from a Technology Executive

One of our primary missions is to continue to grow our network of Contributing CIOs and allow for the sharing of perspective and experience for the benefit of our peers and that next generation of technology leaders. That, and provide a little personal branding along the way.

“A thought leader is someone who looks at the future and sets a course for it that others will follow. Thought leaders look at existing best practices then come up with better practices. They foment change, often causing great disruption.” – Shel Israel

If you are interested in participating as a Contributing CIO, learn more here. We would love to have you as a part of this growing thought leadership community.

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