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In the Driver’s Seat: Transformational Technology Leadership and Enterprise Success

The technology landscape is changing and it's time for leaders to shift gears.
Joshua Koszalkowski
Contributing Writer

Technology leaders must effectively lead a synchronized team comprising diverse talents and competencies, all dedicated to driving enterprise transformation. Deloitte’s 2023 Global Technology Leadership Study demonstrates how transformational tech leaders not only embrace this challenge but also forge innovative career trajectories for both themselves and their team members.

Why it matters: Technology leaders are aware of the evolving nature of their role. Merely being an expert, specialist, or operating independently is no longer sufficient. Instead, technology leadership has transformed into a team sport, highlighting the importance of leaders possessing competencies such as collaboration, communication, coordination, and cocreation with the ability to structure their organizations for ongoing success.

  • An exclusively hierarchical organizational structure can impede both innovation and the efficiency of project delivery. Conversely, relying solely on a grassroots approach may hinder knowledge sharing, reusability, and scalability. Leaders must be adaptable and adopt appropriate operating models based on specific scenarios and requirements. These models should continuously evolve to align with emerging work methodologies and yield optimal business performance outcomes.
  • Devoting sufficient time to clarify roles, establish clear boundaries, devise streamlined decision-making processes, and implement effective oversight mechanisms can enable organizations to operate with greater agility. As organizations become more complex with matrixed structures and multiple decision-makers, technology leaders must prioritize the establishment of essential governance practices that promote both dynamism and purposefulness. This necessitates a shift in mindset, embracing enablement over control, automated flow over bottlenecks, and cocreation over friction, thereby fostering a conducive environment for innovation and collaboration.
  • As tech leaders strive to uplift their teams and cultivate the next generation of technology leaders, they simultaneously undergo their own transformation. By embracing this process, tech leaders not only drive organizational reinvention but also experience personal growth and evolution. This journey involves not only transforming the organization but also undergoing self-transformation, solidifying the notion that tech leaders play a pivotal role in elevating both their staff and the future cohort of technology leaders.
  • The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is no longer automatically considered the ultimate achievement in a technology-driven career. Instead, for exceptionally skilled professionals, opportunities now exist to ascend to the positions of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and/or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Tech leaders who comprehend this shifting landscape and proactively tackle the present challenges have the potential to witness remarkable growth and advancement in their careers.

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