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Top CISA Executive to Step Down from Role

Credited with reshaping their cyber risk detection.
Ryan Uliss
Contributing Writer
The image shows a grid of white blocks with black stick figures, symbolizing people, on a yellow background. One block, with a figure running, is colored yellow and is placed outside the grid, symbolizing someone leaving or moving away from the group.

Eric Goldstein, the Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), will be stepping down from his role next month. Goldstein has been pivotal in advancing CISA’s cybersecurity initiatives since joining the agency at the start of the Biden administration in 2021. His departure marks a significant change as CISA continues to bolster national cybersecurity defenses amidst increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyber threats.

Goldstein’s contributions have been instrumental in several key initiatives, including pressuring companies to enhance security in their product designs and issuing critical emergency directives. His leadership has been praised by fellow CISA executives and employees, who highlighted his role in fostering a data-driven approach to risk reduction and building a more collaborative and inclusive team.

Why it matters: Goldstein’s resignation marks a significant transition for CISA at a time when cybersecurity remains a critical national security priority. His leadership in enhancing the agency’s response capabilities and cultivating public-private collaboration has been instrumental in fortifying the nation’s cyber defenses, and his exit will necessitate a strategic transition for CISA.

  • Background and Experience: Goldstein’s career includes a prior tenure at CISA’s predecessor, the National Protection and Programs Directorate, and a role at Goldman Sachs as the global head of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and regulation. His extensive experience has been vital in shaping CISA’s strategic direction.
  • Praise from CISA Director: Jen Easterly, CISA’s Director, commended Goldstein for his leadership, highlighting his efforts in operational collaboration and building a secure-by-design approach. She credited him with reshaping the agency’s ability to detect and address cyber risks effectively.
  • Future Plans and Succession: While Goldstein’s next steps have not been disclosed, his departure aligns with the common trend of top officials exiting towards the end of an administration’s first term. CISA has not yet announced a replacement or the exact date of Goldstein’s departure, but his exit will certainly prompt a period of adjustment for CISA as it continues to combat cyber threats.

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