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Omni Hotels Grapples with Massive Outages Following Latest Cyberattack

Widespread operational disruption.
Ryan Uliss
Contributing Writer
Picture of the outside of an Omni Hotel, with the logo displayed on the building.

Omni Hotels & Resorts experienced a significant disruption starting last Friday, with a technology outage across its 50 locations in North America attributed to a cyberattack. The issues have been ongoing, causing inconvenience for guests and operational challenges for the hotel chain.

The company has confirmed the cyberattack on X, formerly known as Twitter, and is working towards restoring full system functionality with the assistance of a leading cybersecurity response team. Meanwhile, social media has also been a platform for guests to express their frustrations.

Why it matters: The cyberattack has forced Omni Hotels to shut down affected IT systems to contain the breach, leading to widespread operational disruptions, including problems with reservations, hotel room door locks, and point-of-sale systems. The incident disrupts the guest experience and poses risks to data security for the company and any guests who may have sensitive information on file.

  • Cybersecurity Response: Omni Hotels engaged a leading cybersecurity team to investigate the incident. Although some systems have been restored, the investigation is ongoing, and the hotel chain is still assessing whether customer data was compromised.
  • Financial and Reputational Impact: The outage has not only been stressful for employees but is also expected to result in financial losses for the chain. Comparisons to previous cyberattacks on the hospitality industry, such as the one on MGM in Las Vegas, suggest the potential long-term impacts on brand reputation and customer trust.
  • Previous Incidents: This is not the first time Omni Hotels has faced cybersecurity issues. A data breach in 2016 affecting point-of-sale systems at 49 locations highlighted the ongoing challenges the chain faces in securing its operations against digital threats.

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