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New York Launches State Cybersecurity Grant to Protect Local Governments

Expanding access to cybersecurity resources.
Cambron Kelly
Contributing Writer
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New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced the State Cybersecurity Grant, a pioneering program to bolster cybersecurity defenses across local governments statewide. Funded by nearly $6 million from the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program, this initiative seeks to expand access to vital cybersecurity resources, including software, hardware, and services. With the intention to mitigate cyber threats and enhance resiliency within the state’s public sector.

Through the allocation of federal funds, the initiative highlights a concerted effort to equip local governments with the necessary tools and knowledge to counteract cyber threats, thereby enhancing their security.

Why it matters: This grant marks a key advancement in strengthening municipal cybersecurity, addressing the rising threat of cyber intrusions that endanger community services and infrastructure. By adopting measures like multi-factor authentication and extensive cybersecurity training, New York aims to set a uniform cybersecurity standard. Safeguarding their infrastructure and reducing vulnerabilities to cyber threats, enhances their overall digital resilience.

  • The State Cybersecurity Grant, funded by federal resources, is designated to bolster cybersecurity throughout New York’s local governments. Initial actions will focus on communal services such as multi-factor authentication and cybersecurity awareness training, aiming to establish a fundamental cybersecurity benchmark.
  • Fund allocation follows the guidelines of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, with a significant portion designated for local governments, especially those in rural areas.
  • Recent state reports highlight this initiative’s urgency, noting significant cyberattacks across various sectors. This program is a response to the increasing amount of cyber threats companies are facing day-to-day.

Go Deeper -> New York opens cybersecurity program for local governments – Statescoop

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