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A Return to the Office Is on the Horizon

Fully remote work may be a distant memory by the end of 2024.
Joshua Koszalkowski
Contributing Writer

The prospect of returning to the office (RTO) has been a hot item for debate in recent months. Many major companies are putting an end to remote work. At the very least, they are limiting it to a few days per week. In fact, according to a recent survey by, 90% of companies polled will work in-person by the end of 2024.

Why it matters: This is a stark contrast from just a year earlier, where a Gallup survey concluded that 8 in 10 people were working hybrid or remote, with only 2 in 10 being entirely on-site. Some companies who are receiving pushback on RTO are telling those employees to find opportunities elsewhere. The pendulum is swinging and a widescale RTO is on the horizon for most – whether they like it or not.

  • Out of the respondents who were surveyed about their current or future return to office plans, 51% currently require some or all of their employees to work in person. 39% of respondents plan to return to office by late 2024 and 8% plan to by 2025 or later. However, only 2% said that their company doesn’t plan on ever bringing back in-person work.
  • Most companies will likely track if employees are in the office similar to how in June 2023, Google planned to track its employees’ badges to make sure they were in the vicinity. Of the companies that have already returned to the office, 83% track employee attendance. 70% of respondents whose companies plan on in-person work by the end of 2024 stated they’ll do the same.
  • Not all companies will completely put an end to remote work. Many companies are opting for a hybrid approach. Thus, collaboration is possible during on-site days, and remote work is available for tasks that individuals can complete independently.
  • To ensure that employees return to the office, companies are planning to utilize different incentives such as offering catered meals, commuter benefits, raises, or childcare benefits. However, close to a third of respondents said that their company will threaten to fire those who do not comply.

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