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Mastering The Art of Meetings

Boredom, disengagement, wasted time – sound familiar? Unfortunately, these words have become synonymous with most of our meetings. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Imagine a meeting environment where every participant is engaged, every voice is empowered, and every outcome is enabled.


About the Book:

Lead Engaging is a no-nonsense guide for how to prepare and lead meetings that deliver results. The book is packed with practical advice that is easy to implement in your next meeting. 

Your meetings, workshops, trainings, and retreats can become a space to explore options and create innovative solutions. Apply the proven strategies in this book, and you will enhance participation, generate better ideas, and run great meetings.

It’s time to end boring and unproductive meetings. Lead Engaging Meetings is your guide. 

About the Session:

Jeff Shannon, author of “Lead Engaging Meetings”, will offer insights to elevate your meetings:

  • The Facilitator’s Mindset: Learn to be a guide that actively engages, empowers, and enables.
  • Core Principles: Unveil universal truths from the book to enrich every meeting.
  • Quick Fixes: Implement 5 easy shifts for immediate, impactful results.
  • Interactive Q&A: Address your specific meeting challenges.

End the era of mundane and fruitless meetings. You have the power to change the narrative. Embrace your potential, and let this session be your first step towards a more engaging, productive, and fulfilling meeting culture. Transform meetings from obligatory chores into purposeful collaborations

Meet the Speaker:

Jeff Shannon brings over 20 years of experience facilitating corporate strategy workshops and offsite retreats where the stakes are high. He is an expert in designing and leading highly engaging meetings that enhance participation, generate better ideas, and deliver the desired outcome. That’s why leadership teams rely on him as an experienced, trustworthy guide for their most important meetings.

Jeff leads 60 to 70 strategy, business planning, and leadership development workshops a year in a wide variety of industries for corporations, such as Cargill, Deloitte, Farm Credit Services of America, FNBO, Genentech, Kiewit Corporation, Lutz, Macy’s, and Union Pacific.

A keynote speaker and author of practical reference guides for business professionals, Jeff’s books include Lead Engaging Meetings: A Practical Guide to Maximize Participation and Effectiveness and Hard Work Is Not Enough: The Surprising Truth about Being Believable at Work.

He lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with his wife, Jen, and kids, Brady and Mallory.

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