Taking the Reins as CIO: A Blueprint for Leadership Transitions by Tony Gerth & Joe Peppard

An executive’s transition into any leadership role can be a challenge. Such transitions do not always go smoothly, and the negative consequences can be significant. This is particularly so for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), as the role has evolved significantly over the years yet remains deeply ambiguous. This is despite information and technology moving from the periphery of an organization to a fundamental driver of innovation and competitive advantage.

This book is to help the newly appointed CIO “take charge”: the process of learning and taking action that the newly appointed CIO goes through until s/he has mastered the new assignment in sufficient depth to be effective in the role.

Taking the Reins as CIO provides keen insights into the challenges faced by today’s CIOs while transitioning into a new role and enlightens readers on how to navigate the organizational environment in order to implement necessary changes. With plenty of practical tools and insights, it will help you to:

• Decide how best to approach the job

• Prioritize the first areas of the business you should attend to

• Draw up your goals for the first few weeks and months into the role

• Find out if there are there any decisions that you can postpone making

Based on over 200 interviews with CIOs, CxOs, and recruiters, this book offers readers guidance on how to take on the role of a business executive with special responsibility for information and technology, with ten key prescriptions to maximize success.

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